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Manicure Trends

Having your nails manicured is part of looking great and completing an outfit, but not everyone has the money to head to the nail salon. Those that do not have the money for the salon can get the same great manicures that are paid for in the salon. A few great nail polishes in beautiful colors can give you the look that all the other girls have and will help you stay up to date with the manicure trends.

How To Find the Best Nail Colors

To begin your own trendy nail polish you need to head to the store and pick out a few great colors and nail polishes.

Many gravitate to the cheaper nail polish, but spending a little extra will save you on some frustration down the road. Right now the gel manicures are all the rave, as they chip less frequently and look shiny and great.

Also the gel manicures look like they were professionally done without the hours of work.

The Latest Color Trends

As you are choosing your nail polish you might want to consider what color you would like to choose.

There are many colors to choose from, but you will want to stay up on the latest trend. Bright colors seem to be the trend most of the young women really like.

The Rave is Gel Manicures

Right now girls are going with bright colors that stand out and make people want to look at their nails. This is partially because of the gel manicures that are in style.

The gel manicures make the colors pop causing many to get bold and choose a bright color.

The Ombre Manicure

Another color trend right now is the Ombre style manicure. This is a popular hair trend as well. To complete this look you will need to look up tutorials on the web and you will need to choose two colors that look great together.

They can be the same color just different shades or they can be contrasting colors that look great.

Prep Work

Once you have chosen your nail polish you will need to complete a little prep work before you can begin to paint your nails.

First you will need to clean your nails. You do not want dirt under your nails when you are trying to make them look nice.

Cuticle Work

Once your nails are clean push your cuticles back.

If you would like to make these processes easier you can purchase a cuticle remover from the nail section at most stores and pharmacies.

What Shape To File Your Nails

Once your nails are prepped and ready to go you should file your nails. The trendiest nails are those that look uniform in shape and length.

To figure out what shape of nail to use you should look at you the natural curve of your nails. If they are rounder you should make your nails round.

If your cuticles have less of a curve you should make your nails square with a small cure on the sides.

Ruby Palmer