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Knowing How to Dress for Any Occasion

Knowing how to dress to impress at any occasion is a skill that only a select few women are able to master. If you are amongst the many millions of females that have countless outfits but no idea which ones are suitable for specific occasions, these tips will help you pick out the right clothing for the right circumstances.

The Wedding

If you’ve been invited to a wedding, you can instantly narrow down your choice of outfits by ruling out anything white. If you are not the bride, white is a big no-no. The same used to go for red and black too, but modern etiquette now allows each of these colours to be worn. For a traditional black-tie wedding, a floor-length gown is no longer a must and anything knee length or below is perfectly acceptable. A formal cut, silk cocktail dress in black, red, or pale pink is a good choice.

The Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is wide open for a bit of fashion rule-breaking and a figure-hugging knee length cocktail party dresses with bold lipstick and eye makeup is a great look. If you’re not too comfortable baring your legs, tights are the perfect solution. If a dress isn’t really your thing, a pantsuit with heels is the ideal alternative.

The Business Meeting

When it comes to the business meeting, you need an outfit that commands attention without looking too casual or revealing. A charcoal pencil skirt, with crisp white shirt and fitted blazer is stylish and sophisticated. Jewellery should be toned down so as not to draw attention away from the outfit. For footwear, some low heel pumps are perfect.

The Job Interview

Confidence and attractiveness are the aim of the game when dressing for a job interview. A white shirt, teamed with some fitted trousers and matching blazer is an elegant and professional look. Once again, low heel pumps are the shoe of choice.

The Summer Party

Dressing for a summer party is a pretty straightforward task. You want something cool, comfortable, and easy to throw on – a maxi dress ticks all the boxes. Team the dress with some flip-flops or ballet flats.

The First Date

A tricky one for women. What you definitely do not want to do is come across as trying too hard, so ditch any thoughts of a mini skirt and stiletto’s. Guy’s like girls that come across as being down-to-earth; dark, skinny jeans, a casual sweater, and riding boots will create that impression.

The Funeral or Wake

The ideal funeral outfit is one that reflects the sombreness of the event.That does not necessarily mean that is has to be black, but something respectful is a must. A pantsuit or wool dress in dark neutral colours such as navy blue and brown will help you achieve an elegant and humble look. Discreet patterns are also acceptable. Low heels are the ideal low-key footwear, with quiet accessories.

Colin Armstrong