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Katy Perry: Better With or Without Bangs?

Did you notice that Katy Perry was wearing bangs last night? That’s okay, we wouldn’t blame you if you missed them altogether. After all, she was wearing a whole lotta dress to the Beatles tribute event: a giant pink-and-purple rose print ballgown with matching cape.

But now that we’ve drawn your attention back to her hair, it’s time to discuss. The star is revisiting a look that used to be her signature — thick, full bangs — though this time, they’re less blunt than they used to be when she was in her pin-up girl phase. The new fringe was choppier, piecier and more gamine, peaking in the center of her forehead.

We’re guessing these are bangs are likely “one night only”: A clip-in piece worn to add a little edge to a toothache-sweet outfit. However, they look so natural on her that we forgot for a moment that she’s been bangs-free for months. So we’re wondering if Perry is testing the waters for a return to fringe? And more importantly, should she commit?

People Magazine