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How To Make Your Personal Style Sophisticated

Sophistication is a virtue we all strive for. How we present ourselves in the world can make a difference on how we are treated by our colleagues, superiors, friends and strangers. Sophisticated style does not mean boring or plain. It means adding polish to your look. Here are a few ways to update and add class to your personal style.

First, keep your undergarments where they belong: UNDER your clothes. Stray bra straps can be held in place with specialty clips and strapless outfits can be worn with strapless bras. Wear seamless panties closest to the color of your skin so that it will not show through any white pants or skirts.

Next, make sure everything you own is clean and well taken care of. Sophistication doesn’t only apply to fashion. It applies to your attitude about yourself. Take care of yourself and take care of the clothing and accessories you own. You and your belongings will last longer.

Stay away from clothing items that are covered in logos. The design and quality of any garment or accessory should come first. And in many cases, are less expensive than anything with the brand splashed all over it. For example, instead of looking at whose name is seared into the grain of the handbag, look at the quality of materials and stitching. Instead of wearing an overpriced baby t-shirt with the logo on the front, for the same amount of money you can probably purchase a nicer logo-free top from a lesser known boutique.

It is tempting to stay on top of trends but remember to stay true to what looks best on you. Wearing a trend that doesn’t flatter your figure or style makes it look like you are trying too hard. Sleek and effortless style is what we are after. If you are particularly small of frame, don’t carry oversized totes or big chunky jewelry. Keep things in proportion and stay with medium to small purses and clutches and sleek earrings. Skin tight mini skirts may be all the rage but may not be flattering on full figured girls. A well fitting garment is a much better investment than a trend that doesn’t fit you well, no matter what your size.

Lastly, get to know a good tailor. If you come across a piece of clothing that “almost” fits, in most cases, they can customize it to your body. This results in pieces that look like they were made just for you.

Crystal G.