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Hollywood nails

What’s the secret to having Hollywood nails? Why, nail wraps and stickers, of course!

Those attuned to fashion already know that nail art is rapidly becoming part and parcel of the fashion world. Just a couple of months ago, nail art made quite a splash on two of the world’s top reality shows focusing on fashion. In the 12th episode of Project Runway, a celebrity nail expert, Tom Bachik, helped craft nail art for models about to strut on the runway. Additionally, in America’s Next Top Model (episode 2007), nail art also took pride of place and was the subject of the episode’s photo shoot. And last year, it was announced that a reality competition show would be developed that would allow nail artists to compete for a top prize.

Throughout 2013, the media has featured many celebrities sporting nail art. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards last January, Anne Hathaway’s nails were embellished with a black and white butterfly design, and Kelly Osbourne sported a somewhat edgier manicure with pointed hearts at the tips of her nails. Tennis world number one Serena Williams also modeled strikingly bright nail art of her own during the competition at Wimbledon 2013.

Those after Hollywood nails of their own can thus take plenty of inspiration from these and other celebrities who are obviously crazy about their nails and really quite aware of the power of a good manicure.

If you’re one of these nail-crazy people, you’re in luck! You might not have the star power and clout to be able to afford the services of a dedicated nail art expert, or to skip the lines altogether if and when you’re availing of one, but the terrific thing is that you still do have plenty of options. Foremost among them is to avail of the wide range of nail wraps and stickers available.

If you think about it, doing so can be far better than contending with other nail-art fanatics at a salon. It can take quite a lot of time to have your nails done at any really good salon, and it can also be really expensive too. Plus, depending on what you put your nails through, your pricey manicure might start flaking or chipping off after just a few days.

Getting a wrap or a sticker is far better; you can put it on at home at your own convenience, at a much lower overall price than getting it done at a salon. Plus it’s easily removed once you’re over it and you decide on another design. Additionally, there are plenty of terrific designs to choose from online.

Explore your options and pick the nail wraps to suit your taste – and join the ranks of the Hollywood nails celebrities!

Sabrina Rocca