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Flattering Haircuts For Heart-Shaped Faces

When you have a heart-shaped face, there are many different options for a cute haircut!

Some haircuts look great on all face shapes and that would be a little messy, with loose curls and layers. You want layers no shorter then your eyes for short hair, or no shorter then your ears, if you have long hair. Keep most of the layers around your face, and not too many in the back.

Experts agree that it’s hard to pull off hair longer then your breasts if you are no longer in highschool. So, if you keep your hair around that length, opt for the classy v-shape in the back that create an illusion of longer hair.

Side-swept bangs will flatter a heart-shaped face specifically because it brings attention to your eyes rather then your pointy chin. You want to keep a strong part and have your bangs skimming your brow line. The most flattering length of hair for a heart-shaped face would be at your jawline or just below it.

If your hair is on the shorter side, keep the layers soft and not too blunt. With longer hair, ask to have your layers in front framed around your cheekbones. This cut will help structure the facial features of a heart-shaped face.

It is important to avoid harsh, choppy layers with a heart-shaped face and no blunt-cut, short bangs.

A small exception to this would be if you have very fine, thin hair, you can get away with more blunt layers. With fine hair, sometimes a more blended cut can make your hair appear stringy and even thinner then it already is. So, in this case a blunter cut would be more flattering.

If you have normal or thick hair, stick to blended haircuts and layers.

Make sure you discuss all your options with your hairstylist before the cut begins. You’ll be happier with the outcome if the stylist understands what you want and what will flatter your unique face shape and hair type.

Katherine Seacrest