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Where Did My Collagen Go?

What is collagen you may wonder? Simply put, collagen is a type of protein that supports tissues, muscle, cartilage and bone. So just how much do we depend on collagen when it comes to wrinkles? If you think of it this way: as you age you produce less and less collagen. As you age, you develop more and more wrinkles. Therefore, it is one of the building blocks in preventing wrinkles. It is what gives young skin that firm youthful appearance. Yet all hope is not lost as you celebrate birthday after birthday. No, injections and painful surgeries aren’t what you should ask for next year. Simple solutions like wrinkle and moisture creams can often be the trick. Wrinkle creams replace collagen when we can’t produce it ourselves. Besides cream that can encourage your body to produce more collagen, there are many things you can do to preserve your own.

Sunblock is one overlooked cosmetic when it comes to wrinkles. The damage from sun results in dark marks, moles and yes, wrinkles. By simply applying sunblock or a facial cream with sunblock before you leave the house, you can not only help your skin retain its moisture but also its elasticity. Smoking also leads to a development of wrinkles. Though you can’t stop age, you can ensure your skin doesn’t suffer from cigarette smoke.

If you are trying to gain back collagen lost, then be sure to look for ingredients like peptides in your wrinkle creams. Other ingredients include Retinol and Ubiquinone to help your body not only repair the damage, but prevent further damage. Be sure when you look for your wrinkle creams that you ensure they are thoroughly packaged. Most ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams break down in light or with exposure to air.