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Seven Foods For Healthy Hair Growth

Hair loss is not uncommon for men but did you know that it can also affect women? Genetics plays a major role in male baldness but hormonal imbalances, underactive thyroid, nutritional deficiencies and stress are more common causes of hair loss in women.

If you want to counter hair loss you there are a number of vitamin supplements available which provide your hair with the nutrients it requires for growth.

Here are 7 healthy foods packed full of nutrients your hair will love.

1. Oily Fish, Nuts and Avocados

The key hair is essential fatty acids which are not only critical to your overall health and wellbeing but also to the health of your hair. It will help your hair shine with health.

2. Citrus Fruit, Kiwi Fruit and Strawberries

What do these three fruits have in common? They are packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen, and collagens is what surrounds and protects the hair shaft. If collagen breaks down hair is more likely to break, so increase collagen by increasing your vitamin C intake. Collagen also plays a vital role in the reduction of wrinkles so it’s a win for your whole body.

3. Nuts, Brown Rice and Oats

These three foods include a form of vitamin B called Biotin. Biotin is key in hair growth and the circulation of nutrients around your scalp and hair follicles.

4 Red Meat, Dark Green Leafy Veges, Berries and Cashews

Iron is essential for hair growth so it is critical that you get enough. Women often suffer from iron deficiency which is just going to add to hair loss issues. If you are not getting enough iron in your diet then take a good supplement. Vitamin C is key to iron absorption so keep up the fresh fruit and vege too.

5. Cucumber, Mango, Asparagus

These foods are rich in silica which also play a major role in hair growth. If you really want to grow your hair fast then take a 500mg silica supplement twice daily.

6. Oysters, Brazil Nuts and Eggs

These are foods that are high in zinc. Zinc is essential for hair and nail strength. If you really think your hair and nails need a health boost you might want to consider taking zinc supplements, or even a zinc and silica supplement.

7. Sunflower Seeds, Almonds Pine nuts and Dried Apricots

These are all foods that are high in Vitamin E which is essential in the manufacture of Keratin. Keratin protects and strengthens hair. Increasing your vitamin E intake will help prevent breakage and further damage.

Finally, try to reduce your levels of stress this will help immensely to reduce the levels of hair loss.

Tod Cody