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President Obama Meets Himself, Thanks to Uncanny Impressionist

It’s not every day the president gets to meet himself.

Iman Crosson and a few other YouTube personalities were summoned to the White House March 6 to meet with President Obama about how to spread the word on to young people.

Crosson got to perform his Obama impression for a grinning commander-in-chief. “Are you getting this?” Obama asked the cameraman, referring to Crosson’s uncanny impression.

The president did have one note on Crosson’s performance: “You’re going to have to get some gray hair,” he said. “I used to look like you,” he added, laughing.

“I think it’s important to spread the word, because we’re in a position to have something for us, in terms of healthcare, that this country’s never had before,” Crosson said of the summit.

People Magazine