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Pregnancy Acne – The Top 3 Organic Ways To Beautiful Skin

Do you know how to treat acne during pregnancy? I have the solution and more inside this short article.

The fact that you are reading this article, it tells me that you are pregnant and your face has become besieged with acne. Like thousands of women, pregnancy acne is an inevitable experience.  Acne occurs at this specific period, because your hormones production level is very high, and acne breakouts are the result.

But the big question is how you can treat pregnancy acne while thousands of acne products all claiming to be the greatest treatment for acne. How you can deal with this overloud of information.

Proper acne pregnancy treatment does not have to mean using expansive or complex remedies. What I’m referring is a logical and simple approaches that holistically nurture your natural skin ability to maintain good health free of acne and blemishes.

Here are the best holistic ways to treat pregnancy acne.

Reduce stress.

Stress hormones rob your skin of its nutrients blood supply, create free radical, and weaken the immune system, which disturb the skin balance and appearance. As you learn some relaxation techniques, your skin cells will follow suit. Remember yourself that no one is perfect. Try to focus on the happy things in your life, practice sport, take a deep breath, visualize beautiful skin, or do whatever it takes to relax and calm down.

Eat properly.

A varied diet with a balance of proteins, complex carbs, good fats and lot of natural antioxidants provide the daily requirements to promote healthy skin. High-quality protein helps skin growth and regeneration. I suggest you to eat regularly lot of veggies and vegetables, along with whole grains, legumes, nuts and fish (especially those rich in omega 3)

Moisturize you skin.

Apply regularly hydrating lotions, creams, butters and oil that are humectants ( draw moisture into the skin), emollient( preserve moisture into the skin), and lubricating ( lay a thin protective layer on the outside of the skin). don’t use heavy, greasy creams. Your skin needs to breathe! Slightly pat moisturizer around affected areas with the pad of your finger.


Apply some form of clarifying liquid to firm skin tissue, reduce pore size, and remove any remaining cleanser residue. Mist it on or apply with organic cotton pad. Look for toners  with organic botanicals, herbs and essential oils.

Slevin Maya