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Key Cosmetic Trends For Autumn

Whilst the most important thing to consider when applying your make-up is what suits you and your colouring, it is sometimes interesting to play around with new looks, and the catwalk can be a great inspiration and source of ideas to freshen up your make up.

I’ve sifted through the best of the Autumn 2010 catwalk make up trends to find the most wearable.

  • Lipstick is back in a big way- go for really statement colours like bright tomato reds (red with an almost orange tone to them). These were seen on lots of catwalks including Prada, and are actually great for lots of colourings- particularly brunettes, white blondes and olive skins. Alternatively, if you’re pale go for a dramatic berry or dark cherry shade, as seen at Dolce & Gabbana.
  • Quirky embellishments- like crystals, sequins and sparkle add a bit of fun, and provided some really dramatic statement looks on the catwalks. You can be really theatrical with this- or just add a dash of glitter on the eyelids or lashes to update your look.
  • Nail art- this is massive at the moment. Lots of designers are being inspired by dramatic false nails with intricate designs on them, or short blunt nails with quirky graphics painted on. You can also buy little falsies that mean you can pick up on the look without spending too much or committing yourself. (Asos is a great place to pick these up cheaply).
  • Shades of brown on lids- it’s been a long time since neutral browns have been seen on the catwalks. This time around it’s a bit more dramatic than the early nineties shades I remember- go for more statement, less natural sweeps of reddish brown if you want to pick up on looks seen at Matthew Williamson and Jean-Paul Gaultier. But the wrong shade can look alarmingly unflattering- so try a few colours out in the shop and don’t be shy of asking for advice from the brand reps.
Carmela Brander