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Important tips on lip make up

These days we know – no one is rolling in dough but every true beauty junky knows that the best make up, hair and skin products are priceless. With all this valentine season coming up , you would want to find perfect lip color that would take you from starters to meals to dancing and you would still look good after. The beauty products of high quality with good long lasting power are worth every penny to rock yourself from parties to parties. There are millions of gorgeous and beautiful lip products available in the market, but to apply them is not as easy as it looks.

Red proactive lips are still considered as glamorous and beautiful as they were since last 50 years. Red lips is a quick and easy way to pump your beauty look. In order, to add glamour to our looks, it is very important to know how to do your lip make up properly.

Moisturize- Scrub your lips gently with scrub and few drops of water in a small circular motions. Drown your lips with lip balm or moisturizer before you even think of to apply lipstick. Dry and cracked lips won’t hold any lip color for long. Once you have applied moisturizer or lip balm thoroughly, dab off the extra moisture with tissue.

Outlining – Outlining your lips will keep the color from running. When finding your signature color , be ensured to look for a lip liner in a matching or ( close to it) shade. Even an invisible lip liner is also recommended for those who are worried about lipstick smudges. It stops the color dead in its tracks and works well with all shades. This is one of the step in lip make up that requires additional attention.

Lipstick- Apply your lipstick generously and carefully. For extra control – use lip brush or just put the color just in the center of your lips and spread it using a brush. Fill in the lips well to make the lipstick last longer and stay in place. With light hand the color will show lighter, with firm hand the color will get darker. It is always advised to brush while applying lipstick, instead of applying lip color straight to your lips for better and professional results. Move the brush vertically along lines of your lips to avoid the build ups in the lines to get a more even look. The small brush is good for corners, and the big brush is great for middle part of lips. Clean up any mistakes and go back with liner if needed. To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth, your can put your index finger in your mouth and drag it out. This will catch up any lipstick that would have made a stain on your teeth and give your lip make up a perfect look.

Gloss – It is optional. If you finish your dramatic lip color with gloss, it will give you shiny, dramatic flair. Otherwise, you can use a tissue to blot and create a chic matte finish.

Concealer – Just dab a little bit of concealer around your lips. This will not only prevent the color from smearing, but will also make the lips pop.

Alisha Jain