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How to Take your Hair to Another Level and Bring Forth Your Best Curls

We each have a distinctive set of hair.  The elements that determine our hair type include, texture, curl pattern, and density.  Understanding these elements of your hair can take your natural hair care system to higher levels.  These determine which products you should use, what technique in which to apply them, as well as what styles you wear. With an accurate understanding of your hair,youcan use the right procedure to get your desired look.


It is important to know about your curly hair texture.  Your hair texture is determined by how the hair feels to the touch. This is important in determining how to style your hair and what types of products to apply to get results.  For example, smooth hair may want to use a product that provides more body and texture such as “volumizing” or polymer based product.  Silky hair may want to shy away from heavy oils as this will cause the hair to look too oily, too quickly. Kinky textured hair may desire a smoother appearance and would choose smoothing products to coat the hair and lay the cuticle.    How does your hair feel?  Is it smooth, silky, kinky, gritty to the touch?

Curl Pattern

Your curl pattern can be characterized by wavy, curly, or coily.  Knowing about your unique curl pattern can guide you to the best direction for your curly hair care and style. Your curl pattern will determine what strength of curly hair products to use.  Wavy and loose curls want to look for a curl defining and light enhancing product, curly to coily hair types may choose to define their curl with a heavier gel or oil based cream or organic curly hair products for manageability and moisture.


Density is determined by how thin or thick your hair is, but be very careful, some women have fine strands, but a LOT of strands and so it appears thick and vice versa.  Knowing your density will help guide your product distribution.  Fine hair strands do better with lighter products as thick strands do better with more products.  Density also guides to your style options.  Fine hair should wear loose styles to prevent tangles and appear voluminous.  Thicker hair may choose smoothing techniques with oil based products for manageability and style

Take your curly hair care to another level by studying the unique attributes of your naturally curly hair type and choose styles, products and techniques that best suit your hair texture, curl pattern and density.

Joseph Caron