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5 Awesome Ways to Pamper Your Feet

Does your hectic lifestyle keep you on your toes all day long? Sashaying in pointy high heels killing your feet? Then it is time you give your feet the much-needed attention it requires. Good health starts with healthy feet. When you treat the rest of your body with so much care, why should your feet be any different? Here are some quick ways you can pamper your feet.

Slough Away the Dead Skin

When you hop around from one place to another, your feet are exposed to a lot of dirt and dust. Just regular bathing is not enough, you need to slough away the dead skin. Take the extra few minutes with your feet in the shower. Grab a loofah and give your feet a thorough scrubbing, taking care to reach the space between your toes. Later, gently wipe your feet with a towel and lather on some moisturizer. Put on your night socks and hit the bed. Your feet will be baby soft and glowing in the morning.

Clip Those Toenails

Dealing with nasty gunk under your toenails is the worst. If you let your nails grow too long, they can hit the edge of your shoes and get bruised. On the other hand, cutting the nails too short can lead to painful ingrowths. So, what is the best solution? Here is what you can do. After every 4 to 6 weeks, soak your feet in warm soapy water and scrub them gently. When you find that the cuticles have softened, use a clipper to trim the nails. Make sure to keep the length just below the tip to avoid ingrown nails. If you find any redness or inflammation around the nails, try soaking it in vinegar diluted with water. If the condition persists, consult with a doctor.

Don’t Pick At the Broken Skin

Many people have this bad habit of picking at their dry cracked skin. Your unconscious habit can cause the cut to feaster, leading to infections. Visit a reputed nail salon and have it checked professionally. You can try applying healing balm that will keep dry skin at bay and nourish the skin.

Wrong Foot Wear

The worst crime that you can commit against your feet is wearing wrong sized footwear. If you thought your foot size will remain the same throughout your lifetime, think again! From weight fluctuations and age to pregnancy, a lot of things can cause your feet to spread and change its shape. So, the next time you visit a shoe shop, make it a point to have it measured. Stilettos sure do make you look like a fashion diva, but overtime they also severely distort your feet.

Moisturize and massage

Dry cracked heels marring the beauty of your feet? Drench it with moisturizer and give it a reinvigorating massage. Do it first thing after a bath and before you hit the bed. For cracked heels apply healing ointment or coconut oil. You will see the results within a few weeks.

Don’t forget to visit a salon once in a while, for that extra pampering that your feet deserve.

Good health starts with healthy feet. When you treat the rest of your body with so much care, why should your feet be any different?

Jess M Bishop