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What Is Semi Permanent Makeup

What is semi permanent makeup? this is a question many women are asking at present. Having been around for some time now but only in the last few years become available and affordable to everyday people, women from all over the world are becoming curious. This fantastic procedure will not only save you time, it will enable you to look great from morning to night.

Semi permanent makeup is a procedure which should only be carried out by fully trained and qualified technicians. Each technician will have undergone intense training which will include several treatments (normally a minimum of 12) while under supervision from their tutor at the training school. This is then followed up with a series of exams (again at least 4 further treatments) at their own salon. Once the examiner is satisfied that each individual is competant in every aspect of the procedure they will be signed off and the technician is ready to go it alone. With this level of training, any technician who has passed all exams should be able to provide the correct level of quality required to carry out any procedure.

The way in which semi permanent makeup works is very similar to a normal tattoo but with subtle differences. Do not go to a regular tattoo parlour and ask about makeup tattoo’s as they wil not be qualified to perform this procedure.

The procedure itself will be performed as follows:

 once style and colour has been agreed by yourself and the technician, a machine called the ‘Precision Plus’ is used to implant the pigment into the dermal layer of skin. The machine is manufactured to medical standards and carries a class 2A medical certificate meaning it could be used in hospitals. Every client will be treated in the same way and hygene is a top priority for technicians and brand new sealed needles will be opened each time. During the treatment you will feel a slight discomfort to the area, this will vary from person to person depending on individual pain threshold, but a topical numbing cream will have been applied to reduce the effects prior to procedure. The pigments used for this are also of a medical grade so are of a very high quality. Each procedure will last between 30-45mins. Post procedure you should expect to see redness and some localised swelling which will reduce to normal within a few days. Also, the depth of colour will be slightly darker than the finished look and will die down after about 5-7days revealling the final look. At this point you can then decide if the colour is what you were looking for or if you feel you would like to go deeper / darker. When you go back to the salon for your top-up, your technician will then make any alterations needed so you will leave with the look you have always wanted.
Samantha Brookes