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The beauty of the female should give up the traditional way of washing hair

Eat seaweed

The role of the hair gloss depends to a great extent in vivo hormone. However, women over the age of 30, the body’s thyroid hormone secretion ability will decrease. The seaweed iodine in food is very rich, this element is the main raw material in the synthesis of thyroxine. Therefore, eat seaweed food, growth, moisture, glossy black hair has a special effect.

To ensure the intake of green vegetables & yellow fruit.

Vitamin deficiency can lead to hair does not shine. Such as vitamin B can promote hair growth, hair a natural shine effect, vitamin C can activate the microvessel wall, so that the hair can easily absorb the nutrients in the blood. So, usually eat more vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, such as spinach, leek, celery, mango, banana and so on, can not only beautify the skin, at the same time it also to hair healthy and glossy multiplier effect.

Eat beans

Often eat tofu and other soy products can not only play to increase hair luster, elasticity and other effects, but also to prevent the bifurcation or fracture. And for about 30 women, eat more soy drink Soybean milk, not only can promote the brain nerve cells of the new supersedes the old., still can prevent gray-haired generation.

Strengthen the nourishment

Many dry hair without burnish whatsoever, except for lack of moisture is the lack of nutrition. Once a week deep nourish hair is enhanced hair glossy good method. Wash hair essence will smear hair from the hair root to the hair tail, repeated 3 times until all absorbed essence. Adhere to a month later, hair sere state will ease, gloss natural lift.

Cold water shampoo

Now the women, in general can according to their own shampoo and conditioner choose hair of their own, but they are often used with hot water for flushing, think it will be very clean. According to hair care experts say the authority, cold water shampoo will not damage absorption of hair nutrition hair. Therefore, women should abandon traditional way to shampoo, cold water shampoo, so that rely on cell function closed epidermal cold water, which can better reflect light, improve the brightness of the hair.

Crank up the temperature

You don’t need the high temperature of 240 degrees to straighten hair, 210 degrees and adequate to cope with any hair and hair. Don’t underestimate this 30 degrees, it brings you the hair damage may be doubled.

A hair repeatedly use straight plate

Before using the straight board the first comb the hair will be sorted, let them as much as possible to keep straight, and then straight plate clamped uniform moving down. Try to avoid a bundle of hair straight plate repeated use, don’t stop, this is very easy to burn the hair.

Forget to protect hair

Many often use heating hairdressing tool girls do not know how to use hair products to protect the hair, but if use the hair straightener more before a simple to prevent heat damage hair essence can be, for example Kerastase heat energy milk, apply again after use to protect hair from damage, but also let the other more durable.Do you know when cheap micro loop hair extensions came in ?

Hair pulled into a rigid straight hair

With straight hair pulled into a rigid plate two parallel lines of type “qingtangguamian” was not popular, we recommend that you hold the hair straightener hands down C font, when hair end to nest into natural radian, so more beautiful oh.

Do not pay attention to hair thermal injury

If the hair using electric hairdressing tool of sizzling, okay, stop!

The bigger the better use

To use anti dandruff shampoo or “profuse snowflakes”, should go to the hospital department of Dermatology, analysis of the causes of dandruff generated by the doctor, exclusion of tinea capitis, psoriasis.You can wear a powdered cheap pre bonded hair extensions  , as is the fashion of the day.

Yue Gu