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Paint Your Nails With Crazy Colors to Get Attraction of Others

Set your nail polish according to your outfit and be in the attraction of others. Crazy and glittering colors are really popular. The nail polish industry is very large and continuously updating with the fashion world. Earlier fake Gel nails were very popular among working ladies. Before it was prepared by parcelin gel powder and now it is made from Ultraviolet rays. This process is more reliable and gives natural strength to your nails also. We are in this business since last many years and have knowledge about the progress of the fashion world. We are running our website and updating blogs. All the information on our website is very rich and reliable also recognized by fashion world experts. Apply a new appearance on your odd-looking and grubby nails with branded products. Our aim is to make your nail polish investment successful. If you are looking for long lasting polish then Gel Nail Polish (GNP) is the best option for you. Long lasting simply means no need to do periodic buff to your nails. Keep in touch with us and get more information about fabulous, unique and innovative manicure. If you have any question regarding GNP then you can contact us. Our professional will definitely guide you.

Applying and Removal tips for Gel Nail Polish

Nail buffing is not as hard and you can do it by yourself with care. When you buy OPI nail polish you will get the whole kit but have to buy UV machine separately. Some high profile people have created thought that nail buffing must be applied by professionals but it is not true all items. If you are looking to apply hard, crazy and glossy colors then we definitely recommend Saloon. It is a process of 30-40 minutes. You have to start with filing, clipping and buffing process. After that use UV gel on it and dry it under the lamp. Once it dries, apply base color on it and again make it dry under UV light. At last, go for final UV coating. Whenever you dry nails under a UV lamp, it takes keep 2-3 minutes. Please keep in your mind before applying this because this is not an ordinary nail buffing it takes patience and also precious time to make it effective. Easy On and Easy off is the biggest advantage of Gel Nail Polish. Use acetone to soak the finger. Wrap the figure with soaked wrap. Keep the wrapper 10-15minites on the figure. Now wrap off slowly and remove Gel Nail buffing. We recommend CND Shellac, Bio Sculpture Color Gel, CalGel Colors and OPI Axxium GNP for you. We think the brand name is more important when you use them. Ordinary nail buffing can damage your nails.

Major benefits of our blog and GNP

  • Improve your knowledge of nail buffing and know which one is suitable color for you
  • We have a stunning collection of perfect nail polish
  • Nails are long lasting
  • It gives strength to your nails
  • Looks more shiny than other.
  • Easy process of applying GNP
  • Quick dry  and diamond hard reliability
  • No wiping, damage, blur, or graze off.

Slaine Willey