If you want to have beautiful nails, it is absolutely necessary to give them a few minutes in your daily routine, or even at least one day a week. The most common problems that women have with nails:

The excess of nail polish – If nails are permanently covered with nail polish, then they cannot “breathe.” Nail polish also dries the nail and acetone destroys the cuticles

Using nails as tools – Nails are made to protect our fingers, in no case for opening certain containers.

Household products destroy nail It is very important to use gloves when we clean the house because all the substances contained in detergents are harmful to the nails.

Methods for nail care

How to whiten nails? Nails can be bleached by dip the hands in hot water with hydrogen peroxide once a week, or by applying compresses with wine vinegar on each nail.

How to strengthen your nails? One way to strengthen the nails is by applying a paste of crushed garlic and let it work for a few minutes each day.

As a nail hardener you can use a mixture of eight drops of lemon juice, five drops of iodine and a clove of garlic mixture.  This mixture is left to soak one day and then apply a coat on each nail daily, for 15 days.

 Hydration It is a very important method for healthy nails. It is good that for the daily ritual of hand care to use a special cream for hands and nails. A natural alternative is the olive oil in which to dip your nails every day for 10 minutes. Nails will be, in addition, stronger, and will never peel off.

Healthy food – Our body needs to be healthy in order to have healthy nails. Besides they assimilate vitamins from food supplements are very important. Here are some of the most important:

Vitamin A – Helps nail to growth. Alternatively, it can be found in foods like potatoes, eggs, milk and liver.

• Vitamins of group B help you have beautiful nails: dry and blackened nails are signs of their absence from the body. Find Vitamin B in meat, eggs, milk, seafood, spirulina, etc.

• Vitamin C is perhaps the best friend of our nails, preventing them to break. It is found mainly in citrus, sea buckthorn, rosehip, and blackcurrants

• Vitamin D prevents peeling nails. It is found in fatty fish, but in order to be assimilated by the body you must expose at least half an hour a day in the sun.