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Make Your Hair Naturally Dark And Beautiful At Home

Various colors for people’s hair exist today depending on what is trending in the fashion world. Some colors such as pink, red, purple, yellow and brown among others have grown popular with the recent change in fashion. With all these changes, dark colors remain a natural option for many people. Some not blessed with it unfortunately try to figure out how to make their hair dark. However, today there are ways to turn your hair dark without using too many chemicals. Here are some of the ways:

· Coffee does the wonder

This tops the list as one of the best and most preferred ways of darkening the hair. Hair care is essential and if you are not careful, you may harm it and end up looking bad. To go about darkening hair using coffee, all you have to do is brew coffee, let it cool down when it is ready and pouring it in a bowl. Then proceed to wash your hair with the coffee in a shower. After which, you should rinse the coffee out. Use regular hair conditioner and shampoo to wash the hair again and dry it using a towel. After a while, you will see good results as coffee stains the hair giving it a natural dark look.

· Working with black walnuts

Black walnuts are another useful media for making the hair naturally black while at home. Most blonde-haired people use it because of its effectiveness. After cracking the nuts and putting them in a pot of water, you boil them. Later, you lower the heat to let the liquid in the pot cool down. Separation of the liquid from the walnuts follows after which, you can apply the liquid to your hair leaving it for up to thirty minutes. When the time is up, you rinse it in the shower and proceed to wash it with shampoo and air conditioner. Dry the hair with towel and wait for amazing results.

· Cocoa method

Chocolate comes from cocoa and this method is just as yummy as the chocolate. It involves taking a bottle full of shampoo and half emptying it. After this, you add cocoa to the rest of the shampoo in the bottle. Close the bottle tightly and shake the two components to mix them well. When this step is over, you can apply it to your hair and later wash it as often as you do. This is one of the methods with subtle effects on your hair and therefore, it is often recommended for hair with light or medium brown hues. Due to its smell, it makes it one of the most favorite methods for many people.

Saich M Kate