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Make Up Application Tips

Most women have been putting on make up since their teenage years, but are unaware of the ways to put it on like the professionals do. If you are one of these women, and are wondering how you can get professional results, then hopefully this article will get you going in the right direction…

First and foremost, you should always apply a primer to your skin before you apply any make up. A primer is just like primer when you paint a wall; it covers up the bad color and all the flaws. Primer for make up these days does a double duty a lot of the time. Not only can it keep excess moisture in the skin, but it can also help minimize pores, fill in fine lines and wrinkles and prevent a “caked” on foundation look to your skin. Some primers even come in an SPF formula so you really have a lot of options at your fingertips.

The biggest mistake you can make is using the wrong foundation. Using a powdered mineral formula will ensure that you never get that oily, cakey look that can often happen with liquid make up. Powdered mineral foundation gives beautiful, even coverage and glides onto the skin flawlessly. It is healthy for your skin and you can brush on multiple layers for the desired look. It is also easier to color match your skin tone.

Playing up your lips as a focal point is important to having a great face and a polished look. Professionals often use a lip stain, which will stay put all day and provide beautiful color, with a bit of lip gloss on top. Applying the lip gloss only on the middle of the bottom lip creates an optical illusion of fuller lips by reflecting light just right. Gorgeous, kissable lips are easy to achieve with this terrific professional make up artist secret.

The fourth thing you should do is apply your eye shadow. Now, this is where most people get lost since they have never been taught how to create just the right eye look with their eye shadows. You should always use three different eye shadow colors within the same color spectrum, from a very light tone to a mid tone to a dark tone. The mid tone should be applied to your eyelid. The lite tone should then be applied right under your eyebrow and on your brow bone. The dark tone should be applied to the crease of your eyelid. Remember to blend the colors in together to create one seamless look. If you want to go more dramatic you can always take your eye liner and with a “smudger”, smudge your eyeliner into your crease from the corner of your eye. This adds drama and depth without being overly made up. But a good rule of thumb is to keep it simple and chic to get the look you are going for.

The last thing to keep in mind when you are applying your make up is to use a good quality set of make up brushes. You have seen professional make up artists on television and they never use the applicators that come in the bottle or the tube. They always have their own brushes that look like they were made for painting. These brushes are designed to create a near perfect finish on their canvas, which is your face. Use these types of instruments and you too can look as if a professional make up artist does your make up everyday.

Mark Thomas Walters