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Kohl- A girl’s best makeup buddy

One of the best things that have possibly happened to the ladies of today’s generation is their ardent wish, to look cool and fresh all the time. There are many beauty products that are easily available in the market that serve as a catalyst in nurturing beauty but one of the traditional yet modern products that are used in almost every occasion is the decorator of the beautiful eyes and that’s none other than a tinge of Kajal that makes the eyes even more attractive.

Every lady has got some exclusive beauty in her face but a little makeup can bring out the sensational and striking beauty that gets shadowed in the hectic schedule of today’s busy life. Nowadays kohlcomes with a lot of variety. They are long lasting than ever before, so ladies who are already engrossed and occupied in their busy life with lots of activities don’t need to worry about applying Kajal to their eyes every now and then.A lot of companies like Lakme, Revlon, Maybelline etc., offers smudge free kohl and that too in different shades like Black, Grey’s combination with White, Aqua Blue, Dusky Brown, Maroon with Red etc. Kohl is useful in many occasions like wedding, birthday and corporate parties, dating, everyday business look and much more.

The eyes are never alone but always adds to the beauty of the face. A fresh and polished face is accepted and welcomed everywhere. Now to keep the face clean and fresh a face wash is the basic and essential requirement. A wide variety of products for washing your face are currently available in the market. Different companies promote their products highlighting its key features. It should clean the skin, retain the moisture and extract the minute dirt particles stuck with the oil that gets accumulated in over time. There are many natural source of making a face wash and some of the most common available products that are made from fruits are Neem, Aloe Vera, Lemon, Orange, Apple etc.

Although there are no hard and fast rules for applying a face wash but removing all the makeup is always for better, cleaning the face with lukewarm water is advised, then using fingertips to softly rotate in a circular motion helps to get rid of the dirt from the depth of the skin, using natural product is recommended. After washing it’s always best to gently rub the face with a clean cloth or towel.