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Kloe Kardashian Opens Up

Khloé Kardashian is hunkered down in her mother’s Hidden Hills home — the one made famous by Keeping Up With the Kardashians — helping Kris around the house. Mom and daughter are curled up on an oversize sofa in Kris’s office, taking a break from working on the Kardashian Kollection clothing line at Sears, the Kardashian Beauty line, and their E! show (the new season premieres this summer).

The D word never comes up. Instead, they paint a picture of a warm, happy family living in beautiful chaos (and indeed, at one point, soon-to-be brother/son-in-law Kanye West strolls down the hall in his socks). Read on for a glimpse of what life is like for them when the cameras are off.

What are your thoughts on Bruce and I being separated?

There was no scandal. There was no bad blood. You’re just happier apart. You are nicer to each other now. You get excited to see each other at dinners. It makes me sad that people think Bruce is no longer a part of my life. I talk to him every day! I consider him my second father.

Bruce is always going to be here, because he’s my best friend and I adore him. We talk on the phone several times a day. But he’s better [living] in Malibu. So who would you say is the glue in our family?

It depends on what crisis we’re going through, because there are so many of us. Two heads are better than one. Three heads are better than two. Four heads … that’s how we are.

Source: Cosmopolitan