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How To Fix Dry Cuticles For Better Nail Health

Your cuticles could be stopping you from growing your fingernails. If your cuticles are overgrown this will stunt fingernail growth, and also cause hangnails.

Keeping your cuticles in shape not only helps the condition of your fingernails, but also the overall appearance of your hands.

An orange wood stick is a handy tool to have, to help push your cuticles back. If your cuticles are really bad then a metal cuticle pusher will do the trick.

Don’t cut your cuticles, it is very easy to cause damage, and you may cut the cuticle in such a way that a bacterial infection can get in.

Soak your fingernails in warm soapy water for a few min to help soften them, and then apply a cuticle removal cream, (natural of course).

Another great way for softening cuticles is to soak your fingernails in warm olive oil for a few minutes, and then rub the oil into your cuticles.

Using your orange stick, or metal cuticle pusher, gently push down on your cuticles, holding the pusher at an angle and going all around the edge of your nail.

This will help remove dead skin and debris from around the nail. When you are finished, gently move the cuticle pusher around in tiny circles to help remove any flaking or dead cuticle. Cut any dead cuticle that is not coming off with a nail clipper. Nail clippers can be very sharp, so be careful you don’t cut any skin, and don’t cut deep into the cuticle.

Massage your cuticles each night and your fingernails as well, using almond oil, olive oil, vitamin E oil or coconut oil.

Try to avoid cuticles creams full of chemicals, always use natural when you can. In the long term, these chemicals are not doing your cuticles or your health any good. You are just wasting your money buying cuticles creams, when oil from your kitchen pantry is just as good, if not better.

Drink plenty of water and take a biotin supplement daily, and include fish oil capsules and vitamin B12. You will not only increase the health of your fingernails, you will have shiny hair and a clear complexion.

A wonderful little recipe for removing cuticles is to mix a teaspoon of sugar with some olive oil and massage around your cuticles.

Always keep your hands and fingernails well moisturized daily; this is a must for dry cuticles. Wear cotton lined gloves when working around the house or in the garden.

If your damaged cuticles are not responding to anything you are doing, and your cuticles are receding then a trip to a dermatologist (people trained in skin disease) is a good idea.

Whether you fix your damaged cuticles yourself using a cuticle tool and your own oils, or have your overgrown cuticles done professionally, good fingernail care is always a must.

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