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How to Do Nails With Nail Art Using a Toothpick

They say that the kind of nails you have mirrors what type of personality, confidence and style you posses. They say a lot about your health too. Have you taken a closer look at your fingernails recently? Are your cuticles thin? Is there a bluish tint on them? If your answer is yes, you might be having problems with your health. According to Tamara Lior, a dermatologist from the Cleveland Clinic Florida, “The nails, the same with our eyes are the window to our soul.” Hence, it is of great significance that they always look healthy.

Part of maintaining healthy nails is to make them look beautiful and pleasing to people that surround them. Most women want to appear presentable that is why they usually indulge to having them manicured and pedicured. One of the trends now is doing nail art. This is a fashionable means to give your everyday look a festive one or an accessory during special occasions. How is nail art done? This can be done in many various ways. In doing nail art, you can use stickers, nail decals; pre-designed acrylic paints and pens. Meanwhile, you can also apply the freehand type. This will give your hands and feet a unique look. So how to do this? It’s fairly simple! You can do this with the use of a toothpick!

Fairly Simple Guide in Doing Nail Art
Prepare cotton swabs, colorless nail polish, acrylic craft pain, nail polish remover and toothpicks. Take off that old polish with the use of cotton swabs. Dip the cotton in the polish remover and carefully swipe it on your nail. Next, pick the polish of your choice and apply it to your nails. Always remember that to achieve great results; you need to apply two coats. Let the fist coat dries first before applying the second coat. After drying up the second coat, choose the color for your nail art. If you want a variety of choices, you can opt for craft paints. They are also known to give consistency of your paint.

After choosing the right color for your nail art, dip the toothpick into the nail polish and start to create your own design. One of the simplest designs you can draw on your nails are stars, flowers, sun or hearts. Do not forget to always clean the tip of the toothpick before dipping it again on your paint. By doing this, you will be able to avoid messing your hands or feet. After you are done with your designs in all your nails, let the paint dry. Avoid having contact with anything using your hand or your toes for a few minutes. After drying, apply a colorless polish on top of your nails to make them look shiny.

Getting your nails done doesn’t have to be expensive. Freehand nail art allows you to save your money from going to expensive salons. Moreover, this kind of art is fun and you can explore your creativity as well. You can do this during your free time at home. Always bear in mind that impeccable hands and feet will not only ensure that you are healthy inside; you are also giving other people the idea that you are clean. By doing this, it also help boost your confidence in dealing with other people.

To achieve beautiful and healthy nails, do not only focus on manicured hands or feet with nail art, have a balanced diet as well. Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin A to avoid brittleness and dryness. Vitamin C, folic acid and protein are also good for hang nails. If you think your diet is not balanced, then you can always consult your physician.

Jose Perez