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How to Apply Face Powder

Similar to how we don’t want to smudge our concealer when applying foundation over it, we don’t want to smudge our foundation when applying our powder. We simply want to set the products on our face, not distort them. So in order to do that this is what we need to do.

With face powder, there is no going around using a brush. No, the puff included in your compact will not do, so just toss it out right out of the box. And of course, we can’t use our fingers with powder, either. But, for those on a budget, a good powder brush (if taken care of properly) can easily last five years or more, so always invest wisely when purchasing things that will stick around for that long.

Whether loose or pressed powder, we want to take our brush and lightly swoop it across the product, then tapping it either with our opposite hand or against the counter top to remove the excess (especially with loose powder) to avoid over applying the product to certain areas. It doesn’t quite matter where you begin with face powder, I tend to use a smaller brush to powder the under eyes and eyelids before anything else, to set concealer and prevent creasing on the lids. To apply, again, we don’t want to smudge the product already on the face so we will lightly press the brush against the face and lift up, move the brush over a bit and repeat until you complete one section of your face (one section can be one side of the cheek, the forehead, the chin, etc). After each section, dip your brush into the product again and don’t forget to tap.

When you’re all done, you will be perfectly powdered and ready for the next step!

Natasha Kohli