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Hair Styles For Plus-Size Women

Hair Styles to Compliment Your Features

Don’t use being a plus size as an excuse for not looking good. Your hair should always look fresh, nice, healthy looking and shiny. The cut should accentuate and complement your best features. The hairstyle for a plus size that is best for you can make you look so beautiful and draw attention from your body to the face, depending on the shape. If you are very laid back and like to wear a lot of t-shirts you need a hairstyle that reflects your personality, so go with a short cut that is low maintenance. If, on the other hand, you are into skirts and high heels it may take a little longer to find the style that you really like. Keep looking and ask the person who cuts your hair if they have any ideas for you. There are thousands of pictures on the internet. Print a few off and take the samples to your hairdresser and then explore with them. Remember keep it short, at least above the shoulders.

First, let’s start by finding the right shape for your hairstyle:

Oval Face – Any type of hair will do. You can pull your hair back using a partition on one side so you can see the oval shape of your face. At night wear an accessory in your hair, while curling it takes away a few years off your face.

Square Face – Making this a fabulous face is the best jaw line ever. You can wear your hair straight or maintain a natural look, or experiment with a side braid.

Round Face – This shape needs more styling than the others do. A simple headband can make your face look sharper. You can scrunch your hair to give it a wavy look.

Heart Shaped Face – This means your forehead is wide and haircuts that are layered. You can achieve a look by pulling the hair on top of your head and making a messy look can make a big difference in your face.

Find a look that frames your face in a soft and slimming way. Being a plus size means your hair should have layers so it will draw the attention to your face. If your hair is naturally curly, play with those curls. Try the asymmetrical look or go with the shaggy or wispy look.

Listed below are some tips on the best hairstyles for plus size women:

1. It’s all about flattering your plus size figure. If you have a round face you need some height on top.
2. Going short is good, but don’t go to short, the hair should fall around the shoulders or shorter. Instead of square bangs, side bangs usually are the most flattering to your face. Hip, trendy cuts are the best.
3. If you don’t like short hair you can go longer but have the layers put in. Not only are they easy to handle but they will also be flattering.
4. To get the fuller effect for your hair, get something to plump up the hair with special shampoos, conditioners and other products.
5. If you want a quick inexpensive way to treat yourself to a new hairdo, try some color or highlights just don’t get too carried away. With a new cut and color whether you are a plus size or a petite it won’t matter, you will be attractive.

Your hair is probably one of the most important attributes you have so show it off. Experiment and find out what works for you and keep it up.

Cookie Maxwell