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Do You Control Your Hair, Or Does Your Hair Control You? Keratin Treatment, A Safe Solution

Right now, the biggest boom in the salon world is Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Go to any salon industry trade show and you’ll see a score of new brands and flavors of this miracle from Brazil. There has been much hype about the Brazilian Keratin Treatments, some warning of danger and many proclaiming its virtues.

The treatment originated in Rio de Janeiro in 1998 and has enjoyed enormous success and popularity in Brazil. In the last few years it has gone global and caught on well at thousands of salons because stylists now know that it is the best way to treat damaged, dried out, and frizzy hair; straightening it and making it easily manageable at the same time.

Does your hair poof out or go crazy in the humidity? If so, then a Brazilian Keratin Treatment is for you. You’re a good candidate if you have wavy hair and you want to make it straight. Curly hair will be more manageable and easier to brush. And, even straight frizzy hair will lose its frizz and gain body and shine. Damaged and processed hair will gain a healthy veneer; this treatment will leave the hair looking straight, elegant, and natural.

The traditional methods for straightening use sodium hydroxide or other harmful chemicals that burn when applied and can make the hair fall out if it isn’t done right. Their high alkalinity change the structure of the hair and make it straight, but alter the pH balance of the hair, opening the cuticle too much so that it becomes dry, stiff, and brittle. For a long time there has been a need to correct this problem, and Brazilian Keratin is now seen as the best solution, since it resuscitates maltreated hair that has had too much chemical applied to it and then straightens it gradually, healthily. It can be seen as more of a rejuvenator than a hair straightener.

Although the components of almost all Brazilian Keratin treatments made in the USA contain formaldehyde, they are quite safe to use and do not exceed the legal FDA limit. It is important to ask your stylist about the brand he or she uses. Make sure it is FDA approved; the Brazilian keratin made in Brazil is good, but some have too much formaldehyde. Make sure your stylist uses a brand that doesn’t give off harmful fumes. There are a few innovative brands that formulate their keratin treatment in gel. These will be the safest ones because the keratin treatments in gel are made to greatly reduce the fumes that are emitted when the hot straightening iron is passed over the hair. It is these harmful fumes that make many keratin treatments disagreeable and have caused the controversy because the noxious formaldehyde vapor is what is really dangerous. No fumes means no danger.

It is recommended that you do your research and find a skilled, experienced professional. Make sure he or she is adept with the straightening iron and uses a very high quality one because their technique with the iron is what will determine the success of the treatment. The process can take a long time, but this depends on the length and volume of the hair. The average price in the U.S. for a Keratin Treatment is about $300 and it is worth the price when a real professional does it and leaves you looking gorgeous. Also, make sure that you can “wash and go” after the treatment and continue your normal routine, since some older brands require that you do not touch your hair for four days, a serious ordeal.

If you have ever felt that your hair controls your life, instead of you controlling your hair, then your solution has arrived. A Keratin Treatment will change your life by making your hair elegant, straight, natural, and so much easier to maintain. Go ahead and try it. It is a cutting-edge beauty treatment as well as the best self-esteem treatment you can do for yourself. You won’t believe the compliments you’ll receive!

Joe Gatto