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Dark Nail Polish – Why Wear It?

Dark nail polish has always been one of the things of fashion that some people have taken to and others have not. As the winter season approaches, more and more people are veering toward darker shades of fingernail polish as a means of covering up their nails, as it more easily matches many of the components that make up a fall wardrobe.

While dark colored  polish has its drawbacks, one of them being the fact that it can stain nails a nasty yellow color, many people find that it is a perfect accessory for a fall or winter wardrobe. It started out as an essential fashion component in Ancient China, in which dark polish for their nails denoted royalty and transitioned into present day culture as an adornment for the fingers of the chic, ultra fashionable members of society.

As a matter of fashion, many men have even taken to wearing black colors of polish on their fingertips, even if it is only on the fingertips of one hand. David Bowie and Marc Bowan are good examples of fashionable celebrities who have gone so far as to sport black polish.

While black on your fingernails is rather taboo with many outfits, other dark colors like brown hues and deep reds and purples will serve well in this way. Each year has a new favorite shade of polish, that if you check them out are just as much fun if not more than black polish would be.

Dark nail polish is easily applied, although mistakes are a bit more obvious with the darker shades of  polish than with the lighter shades. You will need to reapply it daily as it chips easier and is seen by anyone who looks at your hands. If you are having your nails done by someone else, you might want to buy the bottle of polish that you are going to wear. The biggest reason being no one who is fashionable should ever be seen with chipped polish on their nails, dark or light.

Make sure that when you apply your polish on your fingernails, that you use a good base coat and top coat, as darker colors can have a reaction with the surface of your nail and leave a dull yellow hue behind after the polish is removed, and that is not very attractive at all. If you want to try out the darker colors of polish but you are not the most skilled of nail painters, spend the money and have a professional do it. You can usually get a manicure for about $10 to $15 at your local nail salon. they are trained professionals and can make any darker polish colors look perfect and professional, serving as the perfect complement to any ensemble.

No matter whom you are, you can make darker colors of polish work for you with the right outfit and the right technique. If you don’t want to wear black on your nails, why not get a French Manicure done but have black instead of white tips? If you get a manicure or apply it perfectly on your own and you pick the right hues to match and set off your skin tone, dark nail polish can help you stand out among the rest. For most people, black polish on their nails will not do without looking like Vampira, but other darker of polishes can definitely be worked in.

There is no need to wear black on your nails if that is not a color you really like.  For some reason black polish is thought of as Goth but it has hit main stream these days. Just start looking at deep navy blue or royal purple or deep shades of brown as it will work just as well.  Why not pick out a color of dark polish that just might go with everything and most of all have fun with it. Isn’t that what wearing polish on your nails is all about, no matter if it’s dark and or light?

Kim Snyder