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Celebrity Haircuts: Dictate The Fashion Trend

Do celebrity haircuts really dictate the current fashion trend? Are you already convinced to follow your favorite celebrity as your inspiration? Well, with the latest hair trends most celebrities have nowadays, any ordinary individual can easily find a new hairstyle, whether it’s the shortest haircut that many celebrities flaunt on the red carpet such as Charlize Theron, Miley Cyrus, or Anne Hathaway.

You might ask how they keep changing their current looks but yet stay fresh and captivating all the time without any effort. I think based from my observations, here are some of the reasons why a celebrity haircut is ever-changing creating hair craze trends.

• Staying Fresh and Current

Almost all celebrities want to remain fresh and current in the minds of fans. No one wants to get a horrible fashion review. It can often be detrimental to one’s career. Since, they are always in the spotlight, their every move is watched and imitated. They have the power and means to dictate what could be hot or trendy, thus, attracting more fans with current looks. It keeps the celebrity relevant.

• Showcase individuality or uniqueness

Whenever a famous celebrity makes a drastic change to his/her general appearance like the charming Hannah Montana in the big screen who is Miley Cyrus in real life showing her shortest haircut has a reason behind it. This total transformation or makeover is a way to showcase her individuality or uniqueness as an icon and in my opinion her self-expression of maturity and confidence as she changes from the well-loved teen idol into a budding woman of this era.

• Encourage a change to one’s lifestyle

A celebrity’s haircut may encourage a change to one’s lifestyle. For example, if your well-loved celebrity cuts off her long hair for convenience and free spirited mood, this could lead to her fans with long hair to follow the same hairstyle, leading to massive changes in their daily hair rituals. Imagine a fan having a short hair, she doesn’t have to spend long hours conditioning, blow drying or fixing it to perfection. With short hair like your famous artist, you can now have more time to do the things you love to do most without worrying about added styling time.

• Affect the clothing trend

Perhaps you have noticed how a certain celebrity haircut can affect what could be the current trend in the clothing industry. A long haircut could dictate the introduction of long dresses that are free flowing, same features as free flowing long hair. Or, with the short hairstyles, clothes exhibiting freedom like sporty outfits dominate the fashion trend for that period or season. A celebrity’s popular haircut can guide the clothing industry with what could be the next hottest clothing collection which will attract a huge audience.

Famous celebrities’ haircuts have been the talk of the town lately and even in most social networking sites. What makes them intriguing most of the time is their abilities to stir every fan’s curiosity and at the end of the day make them guess how these well-loved icons keep up with their new looks, new haircuts and be true sources of changes in the community.

If you are deeply mesmerized on how they continue to look fresh despite their constant changes with their physical appearances like hairstyles, the answer lies to their chosen hairstylist. So, the next time you admire your idol’s new celebrity haircut look, think how that particular hairstylist spent long hours trying to come up with an appealing haircut that could lead to the massive development of the entire fashion industry.

If you are planning to have a new haircut and following your favorite artist’s hairstyle, go to a reliable hair salon that provides expert hairstylists who can give you professional advice on which hairstyle would suit your face’s shape and fit into your lifestyle without causing any hassle or discomfort. Remember, when you are ready for that haircut, be sure you have the confidence to carry it the way celebrities do.

Crissy J