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Can Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

Hair extensions are a fantastic way of making your natural hair longer and thicker, as well as allowing you to style your hair in new and interesting ways. Nowadays, many people are choosing to get hair extensions after seeing them on their friends or their favourite celebrity, but many people are still concerned about getting hair extensions, because they are worried about the price, and they are concerned about the effect that extensions will have on their natural hair.

But do hair extensions really damage your natural hair?

It is true that when hair extensions first started to be developed, they could damage your natural hair very easily. Although some extensions were not damaging to put in, the process of removing them could place unnecessary stress onto the natural hair.

Even today, despite all the breakthroughs which have been made by hair technologists, it is still possible that some extensions could damage the natural hair if they are put in or removed incorrectly. This is why it is essential that you only have extensions put in by a well-trained, reputable hair stylist. In many places, there are no formal qualifications required for people who work with extensions, however informal qualifications and training courses are available for those who want to learn, so do not be afraid to ask what training your stylist has had with extensions.

Some types of hair which is already damaged is not actually suitable to put extensions into in the first place, and if this is the case, your stylist should alert you to this fact, and give you advise on how to improve the condition of your hair so that it may be more suitable for the type of extensions which you require. If a stylist goes ahead and attempts to put extensions into hair that is already in poor / unsuitable condition, the extensions could damage the hair further.

If you are getting extensions for the first time, your stylist should offer you the chance to have a full consultation session before he or she starts work, in order to assess what type of extensions will be best for your hair and for your needs. This is a great chance to ask them any questions that you have about extensions and what damage they could do to your natural hair.

Once you have your extensions in, your stylist should offer you proper aftercare advice. If you have been to a well-trained stylist, and you follow all their aftercare advice, then the extensions should not damage your natural hair at all. If it is your first time with extensions, you may find that it feels a little bit strange at first, but once you have had them in for a little while, it will begin to feel more normal, and you will get used to it very soon! Conversely, when you eventually remove the extensions, your hair may feel very light, but this is not a cause for alarm, and it will just take a little time for you to readjust!

Afshin Nejad