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Britney Spears Breaks Out Her Whip on British TV Show

Do you have a spouse who’s incapable of doing chores? Are your coworkers not pulling their weight in the office? We have a solution for you – get Britney Spears to whip them into shape.

When the singer – who wields a whip in the video for her song “Work B—-” – appeared on British talk show Alan Carr: Chatty Man on Friday, the host asked for her help.

“When I heard the lyrics, it got me thinking … the b—-es who work on Chatty Man, they’ve been slacking off, they don’t give a s—t anymore, they need a kick up the arse,” Carr told her in the NSFW segment.

Handing the mom of two a whip, he said, “I want you to whip people.”

Then he proceeded to lead her around the studio, where Spears laid into people with her whip and warned them to “Work, b—-!”

Among those getting a lashing were a cameraman, Carr’s producers and writers, his makeup artist, boyfriend, grandmother and Olympic gold medal-winning runner Mo Farah.

Spears, 31, played along, occasionally raising the whip so high that she risked a major wardrobe malfunction in her low-cut black dress.

People Magazine