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Be ourselves, pick a good hairstyle

There are thousands of kinds of good clothes out there in shops and in your wardrobe, you just pick one of them up to your mood, try them on, then you’ll feel great and start a brand-new day with confidence. There are no doubts that you are a good dresser. But hey, wait, what about your hairstyle?

Imagine Obama (who is also a good dresser) with long, messy hair like a rock star, standing in the middle of stage, giving a speech about something like improving the environment. It’s the president’s hairstyle, I’ll bet, rather than the environment of South Pole, that people think should be improved as soon as possible. A good appearance goes a long way, it could help you get a good job, find a lover you’ve been dreaming of, or at least, it makes you feel good about yourself. It’s a pity, however, that most people pay too much attention to their clothes and too little to their hairstyles.

Hair is a part of the body, it definitely speaks louder than what you wear. Hairstyle expresses more of themselves than raiment as to women because the clothes embellish the figure while the hair belonging to the body. Most times, the reasons why women cut their hair are not for the summer’s coolness, the washing convenience or the ridiculous cheap price, but to say bye to the past life or to present their own style to the world. The hairstyle trend keeps moving while one springing up before one ends. It’s high fashion that we catch up with the trend, for example, millions of teens copy the hairstyles of their idols like movie stars, popular singers and so on. But we don’t always have to follow the trend, we are who we are, sometimes it is interesting to get a special haircut, just to surprise our friends or make ourselves comfortable.

What hairstyle fits the most? It depends, of course, because people are different. It depends not only upon our faces but also upon our dressings. Advice has been given before we get our hair cut. For instance, it is not recommended that people with round face to have hair that is short enough to expose your ears, instead, long curly hair may be perfect for them; for people with long face, bob can be an amazing choice. We dress well, our hairstyles go along, we look great. Now let’s go out to impress people and meet some new friends!