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Add Some Shimmer in Your Makeup With An Eyeshadow Glitter

People may think the eyeshadow is only categorized according to color. However, as your collection grows, that is when you discover different makeup finishes that are suitable for different looks. These are according to texture, the finish and its effect.

For a smoky-eye look, it is better to use a matte powder eyeshadow to create the effect that it is very natural and subtle. A glossy finish would have a bit of shine and might end up oily and greasy. A far cry from the old Hollywood glamor that you are trying to achieve. However, if you want this look for night time, you may use an eyeshadow glitter.

An eyeshadow glitter is just like your regular eyeshadow except that it has specks of dust all over it. The effect is some glitter will be scattered not just on your eyes but all over the face as well. Make sure to select a good brand, as it may come off looking cheap if you are not careful.

For a subtle effect, use a base on your eyelids first to ensure that the eye makeup stays in place. If you are planning on a monochrome look then apply first the matte one. Then using a makeup brush tap off excess from the glitter pan, and apply the glitter. Apply again the regular eyeshadow on top, to cover up some of the flecks.

For dual colors, you can apply glitter on the outer corner of the eyes for a mystical look. Make sure to blend well and clean up excess with your powder brush.

John Espinosa