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4 Characteristics of a Good Natural Cellulite Treatment

Let’s explain your cellulite condition for a second, as you have to understand it before you can think about a cellulite treatment.

So think of it this way. In a normal part of the body where cellulite isn’t present, you’ve got fat tissue after which above that, you’ve got a layer of smooth skin tissue. As a result this is a dimple-free appearance onto the skin.

Where cellulite is involved however, you’ll have fat tissue which is seeping in the skin structures, pulling on the various attachments that join your skin layer on the unwanted fat cells, causing them to buckle and the dimples being formed.

Contemplate to this as if you were built with a netted bag for a sleeping bag and you were pressing that rolled-up sleeping bag in to the net as hard as you possibly could. What’s going to take place?

The reason why girls only do have cellulite

With males, the connective tissue that connects your skin layer to muscle cells has a tendency to run in a cross-hatched pattern, which makes a more smooth and continuous appearance, lowering the chances that fat can seep in to the pocket holes.

With females however, it’s a different story. For girls, the ligament tends to run vertically down the skin with the attachments coming only so frequently along the skin to the muscles.

Thus, there’s this wide opportunity for fat pockets to appear, that’s the place that the fat will seep inwards and commence pressing up, creating the cellulite appearance.

Additionally, females also have amounts of essential body fats than males do not, because of the need to reproduce, thus they are naturally likely to have an overabundance of unwanted fat underneath the skin to potentially fill these voids.

So as you can see, females definitely have a few serious factors working against them with regards to cellulite formation, which is why it is usually so difficult for a woman to rid herself of this cellulite and why thin women are far prone to experience it than thin men.

The characteristics of a good natural cellulite treatment.

I can say from experience that if you want to get rid of cellulite, and to have long lasting results, a natural cellulite treatment is what you need to look for.

Below I will list 4 important benefits you need to look for when choosing your cellulite removal method:

1. It has to be based on a raw foods diet, so that you clean your body of toxins and supply it with antioxidants

2. Has to include cellulite exercises that tone the body and make your thighs and butt toned and firm

3. Needs to have a way to make your skin tight and elastic, because this is the only way to cover up those fat cells under the skin.

4. Needs to come with a money back guarantee.

So, if you find a cellulite treatment which doesn’t provide all these 4 aspects, I am almost sure that it will not work for you, and you will still have cellulite on your legs, thighs or legs after a few months.

Heather Jameson