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Why You Should Know About Melanoma?

In each year, about one million Americans diagnose with the Melanoma cancer.   It is a disease which can be cure easily. If it occurs in the harder stage of treatment, it can even cause death. Melanoma is one of the major skin cancer causing diseases.

What is Melanoma?

This is the type of cancer which caused due to the melanocytes. These are the cells responsible for the pelt colour.  It produces the pigment called melanin and protect pelt from the sunrays. If the melanin increases then it causes the cancer.  In the earlier stage, it grows the moles on the membrane.

Prevention at an early stage:

Regular skin check is better idea for the avoiding it. There are so many organizations take care for such problems. The one of the organisation located at the Dublin. Dr Steve Karagiannis is the best doctor for the diseases. he provide the best services like  “Send a mole”.  You can send the images of the mole and he will detect the problem, if he get any positive results then he will revert back you like, your lesion does not appear to show any sinister features but please arrange a full skin check with your GP or at one of the Skin Check Clinics at your convenience’ OR ‘there are some features in your lesion that I’m concerned about and you need to be seen by your GP or in one of the Skin Check Clinics as soon as possible’.

Technology Available For the Prevention:

Dermoscopy: This is the handheld magnifier which used to detect affected area below the outer membrane. Both GPs and dermatologists can use dermoscopy.

Digital photography: Taking images of the affected area and store it on the server. Then compare on the regular basis find the infection.

Mole mapping services: This is the combination of the Dermoscopy and digital photography.  The doctors may be finding the lesions during the treatment.


The Melanoma Education Foundation has taken the initiative since the year of 1998 to prevent this infection. It all started with a website named “Teaching High School Students about Skin Cancer”.

This is all about the awareness of the pelt problem. If you have any infection then concern to your doctor and is safe.

Daniel Niall