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Simple eye exercises that you can do anytime anywhere

Our eyes are prone to fatigue and eyesight weakness, if not taken care properly. Exercise keeps our body healthy. We can exercise our eyes as well to fight fatigue and improve vision. Massage improves blood flow to eyes. Healthy diet is also required to maintain the health of eyes. Eye drops can also help in fighting fatigue and allergies. Here are few exercises that you can do to improve your vision. Rub your both hands till they are warm. Cover your eyes with the palms. Don’t put pressure on the eyeballs. Make sure you don’t cover your nose. No light rays should enter through the gaps in your fingers. With closed eyes, envision deep blackness. Focus on it and start taking deep breaths. Think of some cheerful incidents and focus until you see dark blackness. Take away the palms and repeat the same after 15 seconds. Do this exercise for 2-3 minutes. You will feel relaxed.

Light massage on eyes help to keep them fresh and stress free. Take two soft and clean towels. Soak one in warm water and the other in cold water. Squeeze the excess water. Start with the moist warm towel. Massage your eyelids, forehead and eyebrows lightly with that. Repeat the same with cold moist towel. Use the towels alternatively and repeat for 5 times. Massage your forehead with fingertips. Your eyes will experience a soothing and refreshing effect. There is another method of quick massage that you can do anywhere. Close your both eyes and sit for 1 minute. Massage your eyelids very lightly in circular motion with the fingers for about 1 minute.

Press your eyelids with fingers lightly for 2-3 seconds and then release. Repeat this exercise 5 times to get wonderful results. Another eye exercise to improve vision is close your eyes tightly for 5 seconds. Open for 5 seconds and then close them again for 5 seconds. Repeat this eye exercise for 1 minute for quick results.

Give your eyes a break of at least 5 minutes after every hour. Instill clinically proven best eye drops for improving vision. Focusing refocusing can prove helpful to improve your vision. Focus on a far-off object for 10 seconds. Then focus on a close by object for 10seconds. Repeat this exercise at least 5 times without moving your head. Simple head movements can also benefit your eyes. Close one eye with a hand. Try to make an eight with your head. Now open this eye and repeat the same with another eye. Continue doing the same for 2 minutes. You will feel rejuvenated.

Jimmie Scott