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When First Class Flights Make Sense!

If you have not traveled in First class flights and experienced the battery of first class privileges, a question that might have puzzled you for long is why people willingly spend so much money for facilities that they can do away with- for at least the flight time. What is it that makes them find their extravaganza as good as an austerity drive? Are the prices fair enough and does it make sense to travel first class when the premium class flights get you to the place in the same time or for that matter, cheaper business class?

Let’s explore some reasons why the extravaganza on First class travel can be justified.

When it’s more than comfort and style: It’s an accepted notion that first class seats are not for the commoners. Not all have the extra cash to blow up on lie-flat seats and extra privacy but for the selected few, comfort and style become a necessity especially when the gentry might mob them for their popularity. Take for example Prince Williams. What if he travelers in Economy?

When you want services to your taste: Sometimes personal taste is high on the priority list; especially for people who have earned it hard and made enough to reward them self with services fine-tuned to their choices. This is where First class travel can let you experience high life at high altitudes. Right from movies, games and TV series of your choice to food, first class travel can ensure you get your ‘choices’ delivered even in the skies.

When you want a cozy bed to sleep: While many may not recognize this as a reason enough, for few doling out a little extra cash for a sound sleep may weigh more than anything else. With lie-flat beds and personal suites, sleeping in first class seats is way more comfortable and convenient than the hustle bustle of the cattle class.

When you have crucial meetings: Most first class suites give you the extra space for changing clothes and being absolutely ready for all-so-crucial meetings. You get full length mirrors as well as raised wash basins to be properly dressed and leave an impact.

When you want fast check-ins: There are instances, especially for tycoons and celebrities, when time is of essence and one needs quick check-ins. This is where first class flights make more sense. With prioritized check-ins and shorter durations, check in are brisk and convenient.

If these reasons don’t sound enough, factor in the wealth of facilities that first class flights offer, right from designer amenity kits, in seat massagers to leather upholstery and Chef cooked food and you may soon find the extra value one gets for flying first class and how the extravaganza makes sense.

Dawn Richard