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Manila – One Of Top 10 Street Food Cities In Asia!

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a pulsating hub in Asia where you’ll find an appropriate blend of the Oriental with the Occidental. It is one Asian city that is bound to set your heart throbbing. It is here that you’ll get to see the fine intermingling of the mundane with the extraordinary and the quaint with the modern.

Manila presents a fascinating sight to its visitors. A renowned center for the performing arts in Asia, the city with its myriad sightseeing opportunities continues to attract millions of tourists from world over every year. One of the prime attractions for the tourists here is the street food. If you are a diehard foodie always willing to gorge on local delicacies in various places across the world, then Manila is the place to be at. This beautiful Asian destination has been listed as one of the top 10 street food cities in Asia.

Visit Manila whenever you want to, and you will find the city filled with street food options round the year. While in Manila, hit out at its busy streets to discover mobile vendors selling their specialties. Try out the local delicacies being sold in the streets. You’ll simply love to gorge on them. The mouth-watering deep-fried foods are a tourist’s delight.

When in Manila, remember to savor on some of its popular delicacies that you’ll find mostly with the mobile vendors. Here are some of the top street food options that shouldn’t be given a miss in any case. Some of the street foods are simply exotic and may be adventurous for the first time visitors, but it is worth trying them out.

Joel Jensen