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Tips for Preparing Delicious Soups

The soup is synonymous with home, family, love, and meeting. And who has not tasted a rich and steaming Soup Bowls when you fall ill or some “banter. The soups are simple to prepare and allow the combination of a myriad of food, which makes possible a multitude of flavors and odors. They are very nutritious.

Their version is more popular as a starter, and the secret of this is the broth. To prepare the chicken broth can be used (if the hen gives a better taste), red meat and bones of both as they give more flavor.
In the case of fish, it really gives its exquisite aroma and texture is the head and bones, which is commonly discarded when eating.
If done with vegetables, onions, carrots, turnips and leeks can not miss the invitation.
Once we have decided where the ingredient main stock, we must consider the following:
– Food should always put on when the water is still cold.
– Salt should be put at the beginning to accelerate out of the juices.
– As much as we want to prepare some meat broth in particular, must always be accompanied by some vegetable.
– When impurities are concentrated in the surface of the broth, with a slotted withdraw. This task will have to do it as much times as necessary.
– After cooking, it is best to make it degrease lighter and beneficial to health. In this case, we let it cool and then remove the fat that has formed on the surface.
– Already made, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator and take it out when needed.
– It’s best to prepare broth in quantity, freeze and have it ready when needed. Recall that the liquid expands when freezing, so not to fill the container to the top to keep it in the freezer.
When we need it, remove them from the freezer and thaw them in the microwave or over low heat, and rectify the flavor.
Their soups are great for warmth, but also produce satiety and provide energy and nutrients.

Tips when submitting soups

The soups are rich and winning presentation simple tricks that will transform one of the oldest foods in a delicacy, different and refined.

If you want to innovate with the presentation and taste, you can distribute over chopped parsley, fried bread cubes, ground oregano, a few drops of cream or ketchup, ham cubes, etc..
Also will achieve a much more appetizing flavor by adding some cooked apple, diced sausage or chopped GARLIC.
If you want to give the soup a stronger flavor, try adding a splash of brandy instead of white wine.
The soup should always serve as input, i.e., before the main course. In the case of the menu include meats, and then they will be served.
If we have spent in preparing the salt, we will introduce a potato peeled and cut in half and cook a little longer. When removing the potato, it will have brought with excess salt.
If we are to serve soups, the menu should be neither the rice nor pasta.
If the soup is going to be substantial, it is best that your meals are more lightweight and ideal dessert fruit should be. If, however, the soup is light, the main should be something substantial and cream dessert.
If the idea is to serve cold soups should be made ​​in individual bowls or plates, and if we further enrich the presentation, individual Soup Bowls or plates we can support on a colored bowl with crushed ice.