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Natural Relief From Migraine Headaches Found in the Kitchen

Many people aren’t fond of medications for their migraines. It’s normal to want to try alternative methods before using any medication.

Natural remedies is considered alternative medicine. With modern practices being developed by ancient methods using oils, herbs, and plants, experts have discovered that it can heal morning sickness and even infections. Some remedies are even stylized in capsule and pill form.

Here are a couple everyday items that you could use for your migraine headache:

Cabbage leaves

Crush fresh cabbage leaves then place inside a cheese cloth. Now hold all of it on your forehead until your headache begins to leavwe. Use new leaves once it dries out.


Grape juice have been shown to relieve migraine sufferers. Before running out of grapes, place a couple in your food processor to drink.

Vegetable juice cocktails

Juicing fresh vegetables from their organic form is what you need to lessen migraine pain. Mix cucumber, beet, and carrot juice in a food processor to drink.


This superfruit does everything from relieving sore throats to alleviating headaches. Peel then grind the peel to a paste. Put this paste onto your forehead then relax. If redness begins to show, remove immediately.

Wheat Germ

Wheat germ is a nutrient-rich food. What makes wheat germ a great migraine reliever is that it’s a great source of niacin which is known to eliminate headaches. You could sprinkle wheat germ to a salad or cereal, but a tastier way to do so is through drinking wheat germ tea. It’ll sooth, relax, and boost your energy.

Peppermint oil

Used either inside herbal tea or for a massage oil, as peppermint oil relieves many pains. Put peppermint oil inside a hot cup of herbal tea or you could rub the oils to your temples. It’s believed that its healing properties is just as effective as acetaminophen, minus the upset stomach and side effects.

Mint tea

Brewing mint tea with water can help promote relief instantly. Breathing in mint aroma could relax and sooth the mind, which is crucial to mitigate the pain of migraines. Many sufferers report the physical relaxing experience in inhaling mint can be received instantly. Drinking mint tea even does more than just relief. You could brew mint tea a couple ways, purchase the mint tea or just crush the mint leaves to steep in boiling water.

Instead of using modern medicine for migraines, consider trying remedies instead. There are dozens of natural remedies that have few if not any side effects. Plus, you’ll still need to be safe and consult a doctor before trying any remedies for your migraines.

Larry R.Taylor