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How should one apply natural makeup

Usually natural makeup is difficult to spot. They mix pretty well with your skin and hence people do not notice that you are using makeup. These are very thin compared to the heavy synthetic creams and they are equally effective when it comes to enhancing your beauty. During the day time you should use minimum amount of makeup to make your facial looks more visible.

During the night you can apply a slightly greater amount of makeup because the light intensity is less compared to day time. You can either use a synthetic makeup or the best natural makeup. There are many added advantages of using the natural makeup compared to the synthetic makeup. But one should be familiar with the right way to apply the natural makeup and in the right amount, or else you might face so minor problems. It is actually a general method for applying any form of cosmetic.

How to apply natural makeup

Before you apply the natural makeup on your skin, clean it properly to remove all the dust and traces of pollution left on it. Always clean your face with a face wash so that it is toned and well moisturized. To retain the moisture use a moisturizer and leave it for about ten minutes. Remember that if your do not clean your face properly than applying cosmetics might block your skin pores and it might lead to acne.

The choice of colour of your cosmetic will depend on the dress that you will be wearing. You are applying cosmetics to enhance your beauty so you should do it the right way. Choose a colour that matches with your dress and what suites you the most.

If you have dark circles than you need to hide them using some dark circle concealed and make sure that it matches your complexion.

The makeup foundation will depend on the type of your skin. If you have an oily skin then you should use cosmetics organic that have a water base. For a dry skin, you will have to use a creamy foundation. The mineral foundation is suitable for all kinds of skin and is very helpful to remove the undertones. These makeup foundations are necessary to create a barrier between your skin and the environment in order to protect it from its harmful effects.

Now that the foundation has been laid, you can start with the eye makeup. Use whatever colour suites you and your shadow colours should blend in with your complexion. Your lipstick colour should be identical with your natural undertone. Finally use a little amount of powder to set your makeup.

Organic makeup cosmetics easily blend with your skin complexion. There are various colours of eye liners, lipsticks, blush, etc present in the market. They are easy to use and safer to use compared to non organic cosmetics. It takes lesser time to apply natural cosmetics and since people won’t be able to know that you have applied cosmetics, you will leave a deeper impression on their minds.