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find 10 ways to Prevent Diabetes

1. Exercise
Regular exercise is a key element in maintaining optimal health. Studies have shown that exercise improves blood circulation and cleanses the blood sugar level. This leads to increased metabolism and decreased risk of diabetes.

2. Fresh fruits
Natural sugar fruits are the best options, such as food additives, as they provide the necessary vitamins and minerals needed. Studies have shown that adequate intake of vitamin C and supports the blood and bone health. Include fresh citrus fruits such as oranges, apples, pineapples, grapes and lemons in your diet. Eat moderately bananas, sugar, because their structure is more complex than citrus.

3. No sugar
Moderate intake of sugar to keep blood sugar levels under control. However, unbridled consumption of artificially sweetened processed foods will prevent the production of insulin and cause the development of diabetes. Thus avoiding sugar completely is the best approach in the prevention of diabetes.

4. Weight Management
Take control of your weight is the first step to prevent the risk of developing diabetes. Weight is controlled not only helps to keep blood sugar levels under control, and support general well-being.

5. No smoking
Smoking increases the chance of contracting diabetes, as it begins to affect the cardiovascular and hormonal secretions in the long term. Carbon deposition in the blood gives inhibits absorption of nutrients absorbed. Give up your smoking habit will thus improve your health and keep diabetes away.

6. No refined carbohydrates
Avoid white rice, pasta, popcorn, rice swells and white flour, if you want to control your blood sugar levels. In diabetes, the body loses its ability to digest complex carbohydrates that cause the storage of sugar in the blood sugar frantic. How to avoid complex carbohydrates mentioned above will ensure that your insulin production remains unchanged.

7.Fresh Vegetables
Fresh vegetables are rich in iron, zinc, potassium, calcium and other important nutrients. These nutrients help to restore balance and health to the cardiovascular and nervous in general. This causes the body to metabolize proteins and produce insulin to optimal levels.

8. Green tea
Green tea is not less than a miracle cure for ailments. Drinking a cup of green tea without sugar regularly you rid the body of free radicals and antioxidants may be contained within the normalization of blood sugar levels. This will help reduce diabetes and helps to keep the chances of the bay.

9. Avoid trans-fats
Trans fats lower the body’s ability to metabolize proteins, insulin secretion is stored in the body. This represents an increase in blood sugar levels. Avoid trans fats from processed foods will help keep the risk of diabetes, in the distance.

Although caffeine has been known to increase chances of cardiovascular ailments, a moderate consumption tends to curb the increase of blood sugar levels. Caffeine has been known to suppress hunger pangs, which in the long run can curb an unruly sweet-tooth syndrome, from loading up the body with unnecessary calories.