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Abu Dhabi Tourism

Abu Dhabi is competing with other UAE cities to attract more and more tourists from around the world. Although Dubai offers more glitz, Abu Dhabi preserves a more unique ambience of the Arabian culture. Having a history tracing back to 3000 B.C, the modern Abu Dhabi today is the perfect blend of the traditional culture and modern world.

The climate in Abu Dhabi is hot but the weather doesn’t holdback tourists from wanting to explore the city. There are air conditioned facilities available in all the great shopping malls and places of entertainment. However, ideally it would be better to avoid visiting the city during the scorching summer months. Winters serve as better vacation times since the climate is more pleasant.

There are countless tourist attractions for people to visit in Abu Dhabi. Tourists can enjoy the traditional lifestyle by admiring and exploring the beautifully constructed buildings portraying the creativity of the Arabian people. The more modern side of the city provides splendid malls, cafés, night clubs and other great places of entertainment.

Visitors love the thrilling desert safari rides and often opt for the desert tour before anything else. These rides give an innovative experience and will have your adrenaline rushing like never before. The Ferrari world is also an excellent family attraction with a pit wall for testing out driving skills, the fastest rollercoaster, speed of magic 4D simulator and much more.

Beautiful golf courses never fail to attract the visitors. The golf courses in Abu Dhabi provide a relaxing atmosphere for players to enjoy their rounds of the game. Golf in Abu Dhabi is becoming one of the major and rapidly growing tourist activities. Some of the great golf clubs include the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, Abu Dhabi Golf Club and Yas Links Golf Club.

Experience a fun canoe trip around the mangrove swamp. Luxury speed boat and cruisers make the water ride even more exciting, whilst you sit back and enjoy the pretty panoramic view. Visit the flashiest Marina Mall for the ultimate shopping experience. The mall has over a hundred shops, an ice rink, a bowling alley, cinemas, lovely musical fountains and much more.

Restaurant in Abu Dhabi have some of the world’s most professional chefs that serve the finest cuisines, both continental and oriental. Regardless of your cultural background, there is something in Abu Dhabi for everybody to enjoy.