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Why Is Kickboxing a Good Option for Women

Kickboxing is a martial arts technique, developed from Karate, Western boxing and Muay Thai. It elementarily aims at self-defense and general fitness of a being. A lot of people in Milwaukee are now opting to take up kickboxing lessons for a number of reasons. Even though, anybody can learn kickboxing, it is especially beneficial for women, for a number of reasons.

1. Complete body exercise

Kickboxing can be taken up by people who are aiming to lose weight, or want complete body fitness. It is an intense cardio exercise, which elevates the heart rate and makes it stay there for some duration. It is a guaranteed workout, which will help you burn a lot of calories and lose weight. Studies show, that one can burn around 500-800 calories in a one hour workout. It is especially good for losing belly fat which is known to be responsible for a number of diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and some forms of cancer. Since it is a martial arts program combined with cardio, it increases one’s flexibility, improves mind-body coordination and enhances cardiovascular health.

If you have ever hit the gym to lose weight, you would know that weight training is given as much importance as cardio. This might make women look bulkier and muscular. Kickboxing on the other hand, ensures that you lose weight and stay fit, without having to do weight training which makes for a leaner and more feminine body. It enhances one’s confidence as well.

2. Toned body and healthier skin

Since kickboxing involves all the body muscles, it helps you tone your body. With the right amount of training, it helps you achieve your dream figure by working on your back, waist, legs, butt and arms. Regular kickboxing helps you in getting physically transformed, and the changes are noticeable within a month of the training.

Apart from a toned body, it also gives you healthier looking skin. Kickboxing works on the internal energies as well and improves blood circulation, which ultimately is reflected by your glowing skin.

3. Self defense

When you join a self-defense class, you will realize that apart from the physical fitness aspect, the trainer will tell you why you are doing certain steps, and what is it for that they can be used. You will be taught a number of punching and kicking techniques to use in dire situations.

Unlike karate, taekwondo etc., it does not have a very old history. It came up in the 1960’s and has thus combined the best of traditional self-defense techniques and western boxing.

4. Provides stress relief

In today’s fast world, stress and depression are causing havoc in our lives. This brings in the need of a stress busting program, which ensures complete mental health. Studies have shown that people, who practice kickboxing on a regular basis, are more relaxed and have a better mental health than people who do not.

One becomes more confident, self-assured and possesses an enhanced self-esteem. It also has been shown to help people who have had some traumatic experience, and it helps them cope with it.

Kickboxing aims at self-defense and general fitness of a being and provides stress relief and a much healthier and toned body.