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Timeshares – Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons about timeshares, and many opinions about the investment return. Some of the arguments have a lot of validity to them and others may not. A timeshare may not be a lucrative investment or provide a substantial return; however, there are other benefits of a timeshare does offer.

Many people fall in love with a particular place where they enjoy vacationing. Like most vacationing spots or resorts, the lodging is the most expensive line item for the entire vacation. Typically, the airfare, food and gas fluctuate, and when that is combined with the lodging expenses, the results can be an unaffordable vacation. With a timeshare, the issue of finding affordable lodging is eliminated.

There are many timeshare companies that can assist people in finding their ideal location, as well as their ideal vacation home. A timeshare should not be considered as an investment but rather viewed as vacation ownership, and when the timeshare is sold, you can probably expect about fifty-percent of your investment, however; you must take into consideration the time and use of the property.

Like anything, there are a some drawback to timeshares and one of those is spontaneous traveling is not always an option. Most people have their vacations planned around their timeshare. However, if their time-frame is inconvenient during their time, the timeshare can be rented to a friend or listed for timeshare rentals. If you are able to rent the property, then not using your timeshare is not an issue.

Another drawback is timeshares will not allow you to cancel after twenty-four hours. This may be inconvenient for those with young families.

There are fees that each owner of a timeshare must pay, and most of those fees revolve around the operation and maintenance of the property. The fee that each owner must pay will have a reserve line item built in for the replacement of furniture and other non-re-occurring costs.

When purchasing a timeshare, you have to determine whether to buy the property new from a developer or used from a resale, and of course, there are pros and cons to both. A resale will most likely save you money, however, sometimes resale timeshare is not available in the location you desire.

Timeshares offer fixed or floating ownership, and the buyer must decide which type of ownership is going to best meet their family’s needs.

Timeshares work for many people and many people own more than timeshare. Prior to purchasing a timeshare of any type, research should be done, so the buyer understands all the nuances to owning a timeshare property.

Jim P Tomey