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The Must See Muscat Attractions

Muscat is the capital city of Oman, and the main hub for the country’s cultural traditions and modern day luxuries. This is a city with a difference, its skyline sketched in spires and domes rather than skyscrapers, and a distance of bronze desert dunes and sandy coastlines.

Muscat holidays offer a sense of exhilaration through the variety of environments that await those wanting to explore further afield, while the city itself has a peaceful aura that provides a relaxing break, rich with discovery.

Things to do in Muscat

One thing Muscat is famous for is its traditional souqs. These are colorful, bustling places that allow visitors to get a taste of local life and try out their haggling skills. There’s also every opportunity to find some really unique souvenirs and delicious spices and foods. The Muttrah Souq is one of the best known in the Middle East and sells everything from furniture to famous Frankincense.

If you fancy shopping somewhere a little more modern in its styling then the Muscat City Centre Mall provides glossy shops selling Western brands. Perfumes in particular are big business in Oman, so you can be sure you’ll return home with some fancy new fragrances.

It wouldn’t be a proper visit if you didn’t see at least some of Oman’s history. Two essentials are The Sultan Qaboos Mosque and The Sultan’s Al Alam Palace, the latter of which is also surrounded by two 16th century forts. These are the country’s most iconic buildings, and are examples of the way in which architecture can mesmerize those that visit with a spiritual presence.

Muscat Hotels

 There are a variety of Muscat Hotels, and these are where much of the night time entertainment is held. This usually involves some form of live entertainment, which can range from different genres of music to dance routines. There are also sophisticated bars that are ideal for winding down with a drink in, along with a plethora of restaurants, all of which offer their own unique cuisines and ambiences that take inspiration from both traditional Omani culture and the rest of the world.


Oman holidays can encompass a range of activities. One day you could be whale watching, the next dune bashing. Muscat is a good part of the country to be based in too due to being the capital. You can easily access both beaches and the desert through a car, shuttle service or public transport from here.

Muscat still remains relatively unknown to many as a tourist destination, and it’s for this reason it’s a good idea to visit now so that you can have an experience of it that feels peaceful and personal. There are also some great holiday deals to be found if you book early enough.