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Sporty Sardinia – Holidays for Energetic Travellers!

If you’re looking for sun, surf and superb gastronomic delicacies, then you should definitely want to consider booking a holiday in Sardinia. Holidays in this sunny Italian island are coveted the world over – from honeymooners looking for a special getaway to families taking a break from the rigours of everyday life.

If you want to make your visit even more memorable, you should attempt to include some fun new experiences. Luckily for you, the island is full of fun and exciting sporting activities to tempt you.


You can hire a wide variety of boats from one of the many coastal communities in Sardinia – from the northern coast of Capo Caccia to Porto Sao Paolo. You can ultimately choose your own type of boating expedition – from cruising along at a relaxing pace on high-end luxury yachts, to hiring a fishing boat to try your hand at catching the local marine life.


Ocean kayaking is a great new way of experiencing the safe, open seas around Sardinia. Holidays that include kayaking excursions are a great way to get the blood flowing while exploring the lovely coastlines of the island – with everything from sandy beaches to rocky cliff faces.


The glittering azure seas of Sardinia hide a treasure trove of sea life beneath the waves, which is why diving is so popular with tourists visiting the island. You will, however, need to coordinate closely with either your tour agency or a local diving organisation to ensure you have the gear, the knowledge and the certification to dive here.


Surfing is one thing, but surfing with the power of the wind is quite another! Windsurfing is an energetic sport attractive to the adrenaline seekers or extreme sportsmen. With the proper tuition, you’ll be trying out high-flying tricks in no time – and wipe-outs are a lot softer than on dry land!

Horseback Riding

The island has a long, distinguished history of horsemanship, which is why there are plenty of ranches and equestrian centres all over the island. The beauty of the island’s natural scenery makes horseback riding an even greater joy, from the sand dunes of the coast to well-worn trails leading inland.

Trail Hiking

The island is absolutely ideal for hiking and trekking, with plenty of well-marked trails available. Ramblers will enjoy hiking up the mountains – savouring the solitude and tranquillity of the experience. Those looking for a challenge may want to take a closer look at the Supramonte Massif. The rough and rugged terrain will test the mettle of even the most experienced hikers.

Segway Touring

Believe it or not, there are actually Segway tours in Sardinia. Holidays can become significantly more fun when you explore the island’s sites on these quirky vehicles. Not only will you be able to explore some rich historical treasures, you’ll also create unforgettable memories of doing so while riding on a Segway.

Keep these fun and exciting activities in mind as you plan your travel itinerary for your visit to Sardinia. Holidays are, after all, much more memorable when you expand your horizons and try something brand new.

Carolyn Spinks