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Motocross: A Thrilling As Well As Adventurous Sport!

Motocross is an exciting as well as adventurous sport activity that involves the use of motorcycles. It is the most popular and the most demanding sport. So, several motocross competitions are conducted in various countries – like Switzerland. This sport activity is highly demanding in all weather conditions. The word ‘motocross’ is a combination of the words ‘motorcycles’ and ‘cross country’.

Motocross originated in the United Kingdom in the name of scramble racing. With this sport becoming fun, and more and more popular, the races came to be known internationally as motocross. Motocross sport activity takes place over a very rough landscape such as sharp turns and steep hills. There are professional and amateur motocross races. While the professional races are of long distances like over thirty minutes, the amateur races are usually of short distances even less than five minutes. This is because most of the amateur riders cannot finish even thirty minutes of this physically demanding sports activity.

Even though motocross is an extremely popular sport fun, it is also one of the most challenging one. The riders generally go through intensive fitness motocross training, systematic diets and technical skills. First of all, he should be strong and fit enough to control a two hundred pound bike. He must also be skilled to maintain top speed. The rider has to go through mud, hairpin turns and hills in the competition. Therefore, those, who want to be an expert in the motocross race, should compulsorily gain fitness training. Good technical skills and physical fitness will help riders win the race, when they are competing with other riders. Good condition of the bike is an essential factor that determines the performance of the rider in the race. But, even though you have the best bike, you can lose the competition, if you are not fit and well trained. So, all motocross riders should do fitness training as a daily routine.

Constant practice makes everybody a perfect motocross rider. You can improve basic riding skills with many different things such as riding wheelies and doing power slides. You also have to practice different controls such as front and rear brakes and clutch to be familiar with their limits. Practising corners by doing figure eights and circles will help you control the clutch, brakes ad throttle.

Just like other sports activities such as tennis and golf, learning properly from an early age will make motocross easier in the long run. You are also advised to learn proper body position as it makes your ride safe and helps you save energy.

Kim Khanna