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Home Remedies for skin Allergies

Some people are more susceptible to allergies and this is mainly due to genetics and to some extent, the state of health. You may be allergic to a particular substance such as pollen in the air, to some food substance or even to materials such as some types of plastics. These substances are tagged as invaders by the body’s immune system and in response the mast cells release histamine that triggers symptoms of allergy. Majority of allergic reactions are due to pollen in the air that causes inflammation, sore throats and runny noses that may be mistaken for viral infections.In such cases doctors usually prescribe antihistamines that can make you feel drowsy and listless. A better way to combat allergies and ameliorate symptoms is to opt for home remedies if symptoms are mild. Serious ones such as anaphylaxis need immediate medical attention.

For sore throats and nasal congestion salt is your best remedy. Take moderately warm water and add salt. Gargle with this water 3-4 times a day. Irrigate your nose with salt water and in a day or two you will experience relief. Steam inhalation is another way to get relief. Add some eucalyptus oil, mint leaves, ginger oil or grated ginger to the water and inhale the vapors.

When you are down with allergy you will not feel like eating much and it is better if you avoid foods such as chocolate, nuts, dairy, oily stuff, egg, sweet stuff and sea food. Drinking plenty of warm water to which you add pepper, lemon juice, ginger and honey throughout the day will also help you get rid of toxins and gain relief.  One of the better herbal remedies is turmeric. Mix with honey and some licorice powder and keep in your mouth. Let it dissolve slowly with saliva. Food can be healing too if you select the right ones. Raw onions and green chillies are two of the most powerful healing foods when you are down with allergic symptoms. Consume raw onions and green chillies with lunch and dinner and this will help expel phlegm quickly. Another combination is garlic with red chillies. Simply make chutney and eat it with food. Allicin in garlic and capsaicin in red chillies will ease discomfort and help reduce allergy symptoms.

These remedies should bring relief and you can hasten the healing process by taking supplements of magnesium, calcium , Vitamin E, Vitamin C and digestive enzymes. If you cannot find enzymes, raw papaya is a good source to help improve digestion.

Since air borne pollen and dust are mainly responsible for allergies, it is wise to avoid these to prevent allergic symptoms from developing. If you are affected then, during that period, avoid polluted environments.

Finally, rest and avoid stress when you are down with allergy. Just one day of rest can refresh and recharge you. As you will experience, home remedies bring relief and do not have any unpleasant side effects. If anything, they detoxify your system and make you feel more energetic.