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Go Holidaying in Exotic Thailand

Southeast Asia is filled with numerous exciting holiday destinations, each being equally delightful. For a memorable and entertaining holiday, look no further than a trip to the exotic world of Thailand. Easily being one of the top tourist hotspots in Asia, Thailand has retained its cultural heritage and traditional values, keeping the age-old ethnicity of the place alive. You will not be disappointed.

Bangkok is the piece de resistance in Thailand’s multitude of tourist attractions. In fact, just one step into this bustling city is enough to witness the stark contrast of the ancient traditions and modern charisma it radiates. The Wat Arun temple is an architectural phenomenon and a picturesque sight surrounded by the placid waters of the Chao Phraya River, with its vibrant sprites rising to the sky. Literally meaning ‘Temple of the Dawn’, its 70 metre central spire is exquisitely detailed with miniature coloured glass pieces and Chinese porcelain designed into complex patterns. The ordination hall is home to a mesmerising statue of Buddha and intricate murals which adorn the walls.

Bangkok is known for its famous floating markets which are full of reminiscences of an era where the local lifestyle dominated the country. Nestled in boats of various sizes, local shopkeepers offer you a multitude of options from fresh vegetables to newly-plucked lotus flowers to sweets made from the locally grown sugar palm trees. The Damnoen Saduak is the biggest and most sought-after among them which starts at the early hours of dawn and grows exponentially as the day progresses.

Shop till you drop at the Chatuchak Weekend Market at Bangkok where you can get a vast assortment of items at affordable rates. Despite its size, the market has been laid out meticulously with neatly placed sections covering specific products. Such shopping opportunities come at a small price, so be sure to brush up your bargaining skills and negotiate till you get it bang for your buck. Chatuchak is a one-stop shopping paradise which has 27 sections housing things like clothing, local handicrafts, home decor, arts, pets and exotic animals etc. – the list keeps getting better and better.

While Bangkok is the universal tourist choice in Thailand, Pattaya has a unique charm to it. A popular beach resort located just a couple of hours from Bangkok, Pattaya serves as a perfect arena for adventure sports like windsurfing, water skiing, snorkelling and sailing. An adrenaline junkie’s haven, feel the deadly gravitational drop with a bungee jumping experience like never before. It is also famous for the local Thai cuisine served here, especially the seafood.

After soaking in Bangkok’s essence, wet your feet in the colourful island of Phuket. Boasting a raging nightlife in Soi Bangla, Phuket’s thriving party culture has transformed it into a pulsating one. Loud bass-driven music, lively beer cafes and a constant flow of partygoers – you will not regret a night here. After partying hard all night, visit the surreal Phang Nga Bay with its striking limestone shards jutting out of the dark green ocean waters. A leisurely boat ride across this region will surely leave you spellbound amid the beauty of Thailand’s scenic landscape.

Sonal P Garg